Two Common Reasons Why Consumers Decide to Apply for an Online Installment Loan

Borrowing money from an online lender such as Maxlend Loans is an option for people who need cash quickly and will have trouble finding other sources of credit. These types of companies have relatively high interest rates, so financial experts encourage consumers to only use these loans for important purposes rather than for unnecessary purchases. What are some of the most common reasons consumers decide to take out an installment loan?

Buying a Cheap Car

One reason for an installment loan is to buy a vehicle when the person’s current one has broken down for good. Buying a cheap, reliable car can be done when someone watches a range of websites like a hawk. An installment loan can provide the money for this essential purchase when the person is not eligible for another type of loan or for vehicle financing through a dealership.

Handling an Emergency

A second common reason people choose installment loans is when they need money quickly for an emergency situation. The vehicle might need an expensive repair so they can continue going to work. The furnace may be malfunctioning, but they can’t afford to pay a heating technician.


It’s important to understand the restrictions that online lenders have for first-time borrowers, since they want to make sure this customer will be a responsible one. The limit for the first loan might be anywhere from $500 to $1,500. That restriction can make buying even a cheap vehicle difficult unless the person has additional money on hand. However, second-time borrowers will be eligible for higher amounts as long as they have paid back their first loan as required.

Concluding Thoughts

Many working class people put in a lot of hours at the job but still don’t have anything in the way of savings, not even an emergency fund. If their credit history is lacking, they may have difficulty being able to borrow money without the option of online installment loans. The loan can function as a source of emergency funding. In the future, they might do whatever they can to create their own small stockpile of cash for a crisis so they can avoid having to borrow money again.